Operational Excellence

It is business critical that companies continually improve operational performance and exceed client or organisational expectations, to stay competitive and work towards successful outcomes we first must understand our promise and what it is we want to achieve.

If we have no real sense of the journey and what hurdles we may need to plan for along the way are, how can we hope to significantly reduce our risk in delivery and achieve the desired outcome.

So what do we do?
Using industry experts with a wealth of experience delivering high value projects end to end, we will train, develop and mentor your team and if required project manage resources directly to deliver;

We achieve results using the below methodologies

  • BUSINESS PROCESS ANALYSIS:  Root and branch deep dive of the Business, Project or process (Mapping)
  • INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT: In situ expert to aide in delivery
  • CAPITAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT: End to end or as required
  • CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT: Day to day or improvement of delivery
  • LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT: Mentoring of key staff
  • TRAINING: Tailored and accredited courses to meet your needs
  • INNOVATION: Digital, process and system solutions

TMS Insight can help if you are;

  • Expanding
  • Bringing on line new projects
  • Have current projects that are not delivering
  • Looking to secure new contracts

This service can be seamlessly linked to the ISO products that we offer, i.e. integrated management improvement etc.

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