Training Diary

Choose from “open market” or an “in-house” course.

Choose the style of training course to suit you and your company.

No matter whether you choose to undertake your TMS Insight training course as an “open market” or an “in-house” course you will benefit from:

  • TMS Insight training’s commitment to get to know and understand your company: What specific training needs do you have, what do you want to achieve?
  • Courses that deliver what you need, and which are designed to be relevant to your employees.
  • Groups of no more than 12 delegates: We keep groups small to ensure that we engage with everyone in the room
  • An emphasis on interactive learning, making certain that even the least confident person in the group will fully participate in the course.
  • A commitment that the end of the course isn’t the end of the relationship: we are available for site visits or telephone consultation to give guidance on how you can build on the training that we have given and the knowledge that you have gained.

Whether you choose an “open market” or “in house” course, select TMS Insight as your training provider or managerial consultant and you’ll see the benefits of working with a small team of enthusiastic experts who deliver training solutions and consultancy services that provide a positive experience for both your company and your employees.


Ideal for companies which have a small number of delegates for a particular course, TMS Insight training’s Open Market courses take place at RAMADA Hotel Telford / Ironbridge
Forgegate, Telford: Chosen because of its central location in the heart of the country and its superb facilities.


TMS Insight training is happy to deliver any of its training courses at your premises: While all of our courses are carefully tailored to be relevant to each specific group of delegates, opting to organise an in-house course has the added advantage that the training can be specific to your company and industry – including live on site audits where appropriate.

Courses AvailableOur Services

Any of our courses are available for in-house delivery for groups of up to 12 delegates and can be tailored to suit client requirements.

A competive quotaton and further details are available upon request.

Consultancy, advice and guidance are also available.

Call us on 01543 40 46 20 for full details