CQI and IRCA 18180 PT236: QMS ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor – 2 Days

In-house and open market courses available for groups of up to 12 delegates

TMS Insight training will help your business to focus on the many business benefits that can be obtained by understanding and embracing the recent breakthrough changes that have occurred in the design and interpretation of the Standards that make up the ISO 9000 family.

This 2-day course from TMS Insight training brings delegates up to date with the latest tools and techniques which will allow Auditors to bring the full business benefits that these changes can offer to their companies. This includes Annexe SL and ISO 19011.

The latest training materials and learning techniques are employed, delegates will learn the latest techniques and how to use them.

This course will include the core skills of effective auditing and will demonstrate how to link auditing to improved customer service, improved process / service mechanisms, reduced waste and enhanced financial and operational performance for their business.

The course will also show delegates how to save time and money by taking advantage of the reductions in bureaucracy that the new Standards offer.

The course is designed to ensure that you and your company have professional and competent staff who understand how to obtain lasting and significant improvements to your QMS.

It is also designed to ensure they have access to examples of best practice when auditing, how auditing relates to continuous improvement, how to undertake the key stages of the audit cycle and how to plan, conduct, report and follow up on the findings of an internal audit. It features an audit of ‘Wilsons – Tops for Taps’ looking at the effectiveness of goods inwards and goods inwards inspection processes so that courses delegates get to put the theory into practice.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, a participant will know:

  • How to plan, conduct, report and follow up on an internal audit.
  • How to use ISO 9001:2015 Standard to Design and Audit a Quality Management System (QMS) which has the flexibility to accommodate all the aspects of an Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • How to guide, manage and audit the transition from traditional proceduralised management systems to an advanced and integrated management system which is more effective, business focused and reduces procedural bureaucracy.
  • How to conduct, report and audit using process auditing techniques.
  • How to use the techniques of effective auditing and the structure of ISO 9001:2015 to unlock the improvement potential in your business.
  • How to incorporate into your audit an evaluation of performance trends associated with key business success measures.



‘An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory’ and delegates comment very positively on the live audit during the in-house delivery of this course

Target Audience:

Personnel from all organisational functions, especially those involved in business improvement process performance and design, compliance, customer service, performance monitoring, management and updating of the QMS to an IMS.


Delegates are expected to have knowledge of:

  • Management Systems
    The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
    The core elements of a management system and the interrelationship between top management responsibility, policy, objectives, planning, implementation, measurement, review and continual improvement.
  • Quality Management
  • The fundamental concepts and the seven quality management principles
  • ISO9001
    An understanding of the requirements of ISO 9001 and the commonly used quality management terms and definitions.
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